I can’t say that this is my first time preaching in Costa Rica. I’ve done it before. But that was a different ballgame. For one, that was in the mountains who’ve felt cool with their high altitude. Here in Sierpe is warm and humid. We travel on foot, bicycle, and boat.I have to admit I was really excited to try preaching by boat. I had never done it before and in addition to that, I’ve hardly ever even been on a boat.If the group is large enough, we sometimes have to take more than one boat, as you can see here.

But before boarding, we have to think about safety.

After all, if you fall in, you’ll have to brave the crocodiles and hippos, or so we’ve heard.

In any case, we enjoyed every bit of this day and hope to have many more like this one!Our dear friends

I’m sure you’re all familiar with car groups, right? Well now, allow me to introduce… The boat group

This was the group that showed up for boat service today.We didn’t want to miss a chance to show how we’re jumping with joy!But it’s not all fun and games!

You can’t be afraid to get out, get wet, and push.Our destinationThe worker also deserves his rest.

Now, who’s up for boat witnessing? 😁

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