Supporting Yourself Financially While Abroad

Do you have the SKE or needgreater goal? Many of us often do. But it's a big step that can be scary to commit to. Often, one of the biggest things to hold is back is the fear of the unknown, specifically, "how will I support myself financially?" Let me help you find the answer … Continue reading Supporting Yourself Financially While Abroad

Bolivia Bethel

We have finally arrived in Bolivia! Our first day in the country included a trip to Bethel, which we had reserved ahead of time. Since we flew into Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the branch is located, we decided to make the most of our time there. After this, we'll be continuing on to … Continue reading Bolivia Bethel


When someone goes to serve to another country, it can be hard to be balanced. Some tend to go the touristic route. They choose a country because they've always wanted to go there or they want to visit a cool destination within that country. This tourist will usually spend his/her spare time going from one … Continue reading Balance