Those of you checking out this blog, and especially this page, probably already know that you want to be a needgreater. But for those of you that are wondering what we’re talking about, we will include a definition, some helpful articles, and useful links.


“Persons who are dedicated servants of Jehovah today can manifest the same willingness to serve where the need for preachers of the good news is greater than where they are. […] There are many places today where the need for more preachers of the good news of the Kingdom is very great, and these places provide fine opportunities for dedicated servants of Jehovah to make their efforts in the ministry as fruitful as possible in the short time that remains to the present system of things.” —

What motivates these people to become a needgreater?

  • We know what Jehovah requires.

“Jehovah requires that you do the very best that your circumstances allow you to do.” —

  • We know what Jehovah wants.

“When we give to Jehovah, we should do so gladly, “for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) The principle recorded at Deuteronomy 16:17 can help us to give cheerfully: “The gift of each one’s hand should be in proportion to the blessing of Jehovah your God that he has given you.” When we contemplate how generous Jehovah has been with us, we feel a desire to give freely to him.” —

What type of person can do this?

“They are not from any particular age-group or background, nor do they claim exceptional abilities. They are just people who, for one thing, are willing to subordinate personal desires and comforts in the interest of God’s Kingdom.”

What do I need to consider before deciding to be a needgreater?

“Analyze your motives before moving. Abraham moved [in accordance to Acts 7:3] because he had a deep desire to fulfill the will of God, not because of a spirit of adventure or a personal whim or fancy. Carefully weigh all the factors involved. Might there be a language problem? Can you adjust to a different culture and climate? Have you any special health needs? Are all family members
involved wholeheartedly behind the move? Have you organized your financial affairs so that you can make such a move successfully? (Compare Luke 14:28.) These and many other factors require careful and prayerful consideration.—Ephesians 6:18.”

How do I become a needgreater?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when there is the equivalent of a great manual given to us. This article had great points discussing who can serve as a needgreater, how you can prepare for it, and how to determine where to go.

For details as to what to include in your letter requesting information on your chosen location, check out this article (paragraph 10).

These blogs also have great resources and tips for needgreaters.

For those that are interested in teaching English online, you can email Alba. See our contact page or 4 Sisters page.

Sometimes, your circumstances don’t allow you to serve as a needgreater, though that is your desire. In this case, what goals can you focus on instead? Here are a few ideas:

“Local Missionary” goals.

Goals as a Witness.

Ministry goals.

Full-time Service goals.