We have finally arrived in Bolivia! Our first day in the country included a trip to Bethel, which we had reserved ahead of time. Since we flew into Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where the branch is located, we decided to make the most of our time there. After this, we’ll be continuing on to our final destination of Entre Ríos in Tarija.

The Bethel in Bolivia is a fairly small but lovely branch, with quite a diverse group of volunteers and tasks. My only other trip to a Bethel was the Brooklyn location, in the United States, when I was about two years old and I have no recollection of it, so this is actually the first Bethel that I remember visiting.

Visiting Bethel here was very informative about the activity in the country and I feel it helped prepare me for what our own activity would be like in Bolivia. However, it was interesting to see the history of how the truth came to Bolivia. All the displays of the theocratic history and growth throughout the country are very encouraging, especially knowing that all the friends we meet will have personally benefited from this past activity that has made their service in Bolivia possible.

Here you can see Caleb and Sophia dressed up in local traditional garb. Though, as is pointed out by the sign, their names change according to the language. In the Aymara language, Sophia is Sarita and Caleb is Marquito while in the Quechua language Sophia is Rosita while Caleb is Juanito.

A modest fountain decorates the grounds

Our tour didn’t take very long. We completed our tour of the grounds in an hour and forty five minutes, though it felt like less. Time flies when you’re having fun, or in our case, enjoying new sights with good company! I am very grateful to have seen the beautiful installations in Santa Cruz and to have started this adventure on such a nice note.

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