Guys, I can’t believe it’s come so soon! This month is wrapping up and with it, our stay in Costa Rica.

I mentioned in a previous post the delicious food we’ve gotten to try here.

And don’t forget the fresh fruit you see nearly everywhere!

We got to make lots of good friends that we’ll miss dearly!

And animal friends too.

We’ve made some even without making it a point!

We’ve had some unforgettable experiences and just simple fun with friends. It’s truly been wonderful.

Before leaving Costa Rica, we were able to do one more thing, though. We went to briefly visit Betty’s friend and host from her first Costa Rica trip. It was nice meeting the friend I had only heard about but never met in person.

This has truly been a delightful adventure and a beautiful place I hope to return to sometime. Thank you to our dear Costa Rica friends. We hate to part from you, but Bolivia awaits us. We love you! Stay in touch!

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