When someone goes to serve to another country, it can be hard to be balanced.

Some tend to go the touristic route. They choose a country because they’ve always wanted to go there or they want to visit a cool destination within that country. This tourist will usually spend his/her spare time going from one place to another, visiting all the sights. This is their vacation, in essence.

There’s nothing wrong with this. But you do have to remember that if you choose this route, you have to be aware of the cons. You may not be able to help others as much. You might also end up being a burden on the local brothers if you expect them to help you by being your tour guide or getting you to the destination you have in mind. In the long run, you might end up being forgettable as “that one person who was always going other places”.

I tend to be a homebody. I spend my days out in service with the local brothers and sisters. I rarely plan a trip to a tourist spot or a faraway city. This isn’t because I don’t think these places would be cool. I just prefer to do what I came here to do. I preach and teach. I find sincere people and try to help them learn about Jehovah. I remember that my days here are numbered and I want to make the most of that time.

Don’t think that because of that I have a quiet, boring time here. We still have a blast! We try tasty food.

An attempt to make chiles rellenos with local ingredients.

Tuna pizza is actually surprisingly tasty!

A tasty homemade dinner thanks to our roommate!

We make new friends that we love and bond with. And we truly enjoy our service to Jehovah. He really knows how we can live “the best life ever” and that’s what we enjoy when we obey him.

We did not come here for a vacation. We came here to help as needgreaters. At the same time, we enjoy the experience. When we have a bit of extra time, we make plans to visit the occasional tourist spot.

Thanks to our local friends who wanted to take us out for fun!

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