We often have great experiences due entirely to being part of a worldwide family. This occasion was like that. In August of 2019, our congregation back home was one of the ones that was invited to the international convention in Houston (in Spanish).

We weren’t one of the actual Houston congregations so we weren’t assigned as a congregation to do any special activities with the delegates. Still, we got to help with many assignments individually. My sisters and I were even able to help out a lot with a department that worked with delegates.

Finally, we had our convention, enjoyed it greatly, made new friends with many delegates, and headed home to pack for our trip to Costa Rica and Bolivia.

Imagine our joy upon being able to meet some of these delegates on their home turf while in Costa Rica!

They were able to communicate with Alba, who told them that we are in Costa Rica. The brothers asked in which part and, to our surprise and delight, it wasn’t too far from them. So, they got in touch with us and we decided to meet up for ice cream and chat.

Hanging out with our delegates

We strolled thought the town while sharing experiences from both the international convention, and from being need greaters in a foreign country. This family, in particular, has a long history of full-time service and though originally from Spain, they now serve in Costa Rica. It was an unexpectedly delightful and upbuilding encounter with these delegates and I’m so happy we were all able to make arrangements to meet up. Truly, having family everywhere is a great privilege!

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