It all started long ago in a land that was not far, far away. At least not most of our readers, probably. (Texas, in the U.S.)

Four sisters, close in age, grew up trying to help others thanks to their awesome parents’ guidance and example. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

These sisters then developed the desire to serve in other countries, helping people in the best way possible- learn the truth that will not only let them have a chance at everlasting life, but will also teach them how to live better lives in the present.

As you can guess by now, that’s my sisters and of course, ’tis I, the eldest one. And now, exhausted from speaking in third-person, the eldest will retire that speech pattern and try to act like a normal person. Let me tell you why we made this blog.

Having goals to help takes many forms. But field service is something special. A privilege and responsibility we want to take advantage of to the max. I mean, don’t they say go big or go home? πŸ˜„ So, after years of dreaming, we’ve made it a reality. I have been able to go abroad serving in Asia while, as I write these words, the younger two are in Central America, with plans to go to South America as well.

But as you can probably imagine, staying in touch with friends and family back home can be tricky when there are time differences and lifestyle changes typical of traveling.

With this blog, we hope to stay in touch with friends and family we personally know. Of course, our friends and family from around the world are welcome too. Enjoy the pictures and videos. Get to know beautiful places and people to get a better idea of what it’s really like to live there. If you have always wanted to be a needgreater, don’t think it’s just a dream. You have to plan and work toward it, but it can be done. It just has to do with your determination.

Feel free to ask questions and post comments because that encourages us too 😊. And lastly, we hope you enjoy this journey with us.

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